Shot Peening

Manufactured to Survive High Stresses
Shot peening helps springs to resist high stresses

Springs are often the most stressed parts in the final assembly. As a consequence it is important to ensure they are manufactured to survive high stresses.

Shot peening involves impacting the spring wire surface with high speed round metallic shot deforming or “ball peening” the surface to give a compressive residual stress layer that is resistant to crack propagation.

Performance Springs utilises the latest shot peening processes to give a very effective surface finish for a higher fatigue life. Our shot peening processes have been refined over many years by working in leading edge spring applications, such as high speed race engines and heavy duty fuel injection.

The high hardness of the shot used results in a high maximum compressive stress for higher fatigue resistance. Also we ensure a deeper compressive layer giving greater resistance to crack growth by having a high shot intensity. For the highest specification components we often specify multiple stage shot peening with varying intensity and shot size.