Fuel Injector Springs

Performance Springs is the UK’s premier designer, developer and manufacturer of high quality, precision fuel injector springs. The applications range from commercial diesel to the world’s largest cruise liners and power generation engines.

Fuel Injector Springs
MadeFuel Injector Springs - Performance Springs to Order for:

  • Automotive Engines
  • Commercial Diesel Engines
  • Truck and Bus Engines
  • Off Road Vehicle Engines
  • Defence Vehicle Engines
  • Rail Locomotive Engines
  • Power Generation Engines
  • Marine and Ship Engines


Manufacturing Range

  • Parallel, Conical, Variable Pitch and Dampered Shapes


High Quality Materials

We select the world’s best materials…

  • Large Stocks of Valve Quality Specialist Alloy Wires SiCr, SiCrV, SiCrV + Ni
  • Round and Ovate Wire Cross Sections
  • Range of Wire Sizes 0.2mm – 19.0mm
  • Eddy current tested materials
  • Oil Tempered & Induction Hardened
  • European and American specifications available
  • Shaved, peeled, super-clean and high tensile options


Silicon-Chrome-Vanadium Oil Tempered and Silicon-Chrome-Vanadium + Nickel Oil Tempered

1.5mm to 6mm Wire Diameter

  • Branded Specialist Wires
  • ASTM877B


Silicon-Chrome Oil Tempered

0.5mm to 14mm Wire Diameter

  • EN10270/2 VD SiCr
  • DIN 17225 VDSiCr
  • ASTM A877
  • BS2803 685A55 HD2
  • AS33A


Silicon-Chrome Quenched & Tempered

10.0mm to 19.5mm Wire Diameter

  • EN10089 1.7106 (ground & unground)
  • BS1429 685A55 ND2 & HD2
  • DIN17223/2 67SiCr5
  • AS33A & ASS33B


Chrome-Vanadium Quenched & Tempered

10.0mm to 19.5mm Wire Diameter

  • EN10089 1.8159 (ground & unground)
  • BS 1429 735A50 ND & HD
  • DIN 17225 50CrV4
  • ASTM A231


Manufacturing Capabilities

  • CNC Coiling 0.2mm to 19mm
  • In House Shot Peening
  • Hot Pre-Stressing
  • Progressive Grinding and Chamfering
  • Comprehensive Heat Treatment Facilities
  • Full Inspection and Test Facilities


Design Service

  • Latest Computer Aided Design Software
  • Experienced Designers
  • Fatigue Life Prediction with Goodman Diagrams
  • Relaxation Graph Prediction
  • Materials Selection


Control of Spring Dynamics & Resonance

Performance Springs Ltd is a leader in compression spring damping techniques and employs various methods to reduce undesired harmonic and dynamic effects:-

  • Standard damper coils
  • Progressive damper coils (Variable rate)



All activities are undertaken on the basis of:

  • Fast turn times where availability dictates
  • High quality to OEM standards and beyond
  • Comprehensive technical and sales back-up service


With high investment in both its workforce and manufacturing facilities, Performance Springs Ltd is at the leading edge of spring technology and innovation, making it the best choice for high fatigue and safety critical applications.


Injector Spring Optimisation

Do you have problems in any of the following areas?

  • Resonance, spring fatigue and failures, durability & relaxation
  • Emissions, fuel economy, engine performance
  • Satisfying the need for downsized, lightweight engines
  • Development of new low carbon technology


Performance Springs can help with expert advice about how to solve such spring problems and reduce risk. We provide our specialist knowledge to our clients to give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.



Wire Material Fatigue Comparisons - Performance Springs


Comparison of 4mm Dia Wire Tensile Strength

omparison of 4mm Dia Wire Tensile Strength