Compression Springs

Highest Quality Compression Springs

Performance Springs is the UK’s premier designer, developer and manufacturer of high quality, heavy duty and precision compression springs.

Manufacturing Range

  • 0.2mm to 19.0mm DiameterPerformance Spring Compression Spring
  • Sectional Wires up to 17mm Square
  • Production Batches from 1 to 5,000,000
  • Conical, Barrel or Parallel Shapes
  • Dampered or Laid-on Ends
  • Ground or Unground Ends



Made to order for:

  • Engine Valves
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Automotive Clutch & Transmissions, Brake and Steering Systems
  • Hydraulic Valves, Actuators, Accumulators, Motors and Pumps
  • Fluid Handling Valves, Actuators, Pumps and Filters
  • Railway Engineering
  • Aircraft Components
  • Components for Mining, Oil, Chemical and Nuclear Industries


High Quality Materials

We select the world’s best materials…

Silicon Chrome steel alloy wires are used in high dynamic applications, such as valve springs, injector springs and are required to resist fatigue and relaxation at elevated temperatures often in excess of 200 degrees C.


Silicon-Chrome-Vanadium Oil Tempered and Silicon-Chrome-Vanadium + Nickel Oil Tempered

1.5mm to 6mm Wire Diameter

  • Branded Specialist Wires
  • ASTM877B


Silicon-Chrome Oil Tempered

0.5mm to 14mm Wire Diameter

  • EN10270/2 VD SiCr
  • DIN 17225 VDSiCr
  • ASTM A877
  • BS2803 685A55 HD2
  • AS33A


Silicon-Chrome Quenched & Tempered

10.0mm to 19.5mm Wire Diameter

  • EN10089 1.7106 (ground & unground)
  • BS1429 685A55 ND2 & HD2
  • DIN17223/2 67SiCr5
  • AS33A & ASS33B


Chrome-Vanadium Quenched & Tempered

10.0mm to 19.5mm Wire Diameter

  • EN10089 1.8159 (ground & unground)
  • BS 1429 735A50 ND & HD
  • DIN 17225 50CrV4
  • ASTM A231


Hard Drawn Carbon Steels

0.2mm to 15mm Wire Diameter

  • EN10270/1 Grades SH, DM, DH
  • BS5216 Grades HD3, HS3, ND3, M4, M5
  • DIN17223/1 Grades B, C, D, II
  • ASTM Grades A679, A228
  • AS8, AS6/7, AS5, AS5A
  • J271, J178
  • G3502


Stainless Steel

0.2mm to 15mm Wire Diameter

  • EN10270/3 Grade X10 CrNi 18-8, X5 CrNiMo 17-12-2, X7 CrNiAl 17-7
  • BS2056 Grades 301 (17/7), 302, …316
  • DIN 17224 1.4310, 17224 1.4401, 17224 1.4568
  • ASTM A313
  • AS35
  • AMS 5688, 5673C, 5678
  • JIS G4314


Copper Alloys

  • Brass BS2873 CZ107
  • Phosphor Bronze BS2873 PB102/103
  • Beryllium Copper BS2873 CB101


Nickel Alloys

  • Inconel X750, Inconel 600, Nimonic 90, Monel 400
  • BS3075 Grades NA14, NA19, NA13
  • AMS 5699E


Titanium Alloys

  • Titanium Alloy 318, Bet C


Manufacturing Capabilities and Processes

  • CNC Coiling
  • CNC Grinding
  • Shot Peening
  • Automated Pre-Stressing and Hot Pre-Stressing Equipment
  • Finishes
  • Full Inspection and Test Facilities
  • Full Statistical Process Control


All activities are undertaken on the basis of:

  • Fast turn times where availability dictates
  • High quality to OEM standards and beyond
  • Comprehensive technical and sales back-up service


With high investment in both its workforce and manufacturing facilities, Performance Springs Ltd is at the leading edge of spring technology and innovation, making it the best choice for high fatigue and safety critical applications.