Off Highway and Construction

Compression Springs for Off Highway and Construction
Compression springs for off-highway and construction markets

Performance Springs designs and manufactures compression springs for various applications within the off-highway and construction markets which include engine valve, oil pressure regulation, fuel injection, clutch, brake and hydraulic pumps, motors and valves (including cartridge, spool, solenoid etc.).

Hydraulic components require high quality, precision springs and the applications are often very demanding and even safety critical. Therefore, reliability, durability and consistency is very important.

Our engine valve springs and fuel injector springs are used on the very latest diesel engines. We can optimise the spring design to suit your valvetrain and can help provide solutions to problems in the following areas:

  • Engine resonance, spring fatigue and failures, relaxation
  • Emissions, fuel economy, engine performance
  • Satisfying the need for downsized, lightweight engines
  • Development of new low carbon technology

We source the world’s best quality spring wire materials

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We also offer the following services to our clients:

  • Technical review
  • Design
  • Testing
  • Failure analysis

We have our own in-house laboratory, we can undertake fast prototyping of new products, and we have effective logistics that can cope with complex orders, ensuring on-time delivery.

We can demonstrate continuous improvement and lean manufacturing.